How do I set up my cash drawer?

Required items:

  • Star TSP650II BTi printer (Bluetooth), the Star TSP654IIE3 printer (LAN) or the Star TSP650 printer (LAN)
  • APG VP320-BL1416 cash drawer or the APG VB448-BL1616 cash drawer
  • APG CD-014A cash drawer interface cable

  • RJ45 (8 pole) connector
Please note: in order to take advantage of these cash drawer options, you will also need to be integrated with the Star TSP650II BTi printer (Bluetooth), the Star TSP654IIE3 printer (LAN) or the Star TSP650 printer (LAN).

Ordering a Spark Pay compatible printer and cash drawer is easy! Spark Pay compatible printers and cash drawers can be purchased by logging into your online dashboard at Then, click on the “Shop” tab from your online dashboard.

Follow the steps below for setup:

1.  Connect the printer to the cash drawer with the RJ45 (8-pole) connector

2.  Ensure that your printer is set up, if not, learn here "How do I set up my printer?"  

3.  Once the printer is set up and connects to your cash drawer, it is integrated with the mobile app and ready to use

4.  Cash drawer will automatically open after you tap on "Finish" after completing the transaction







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