How do I set up my printer?

Setting up your printer is simple!

Required items:

  • Star TSP650 printer (LAN) or the Star TSP654IIE3 printer (LAN)
  • Wireless router
  • Ethernet cable

Follow the steps below to connect the printer to the Spark Pay mobile App: 


1.  Connect the ethernet cable from the wireless router to the printer

2.  Power - on the printer

3.  The green light on the printer panel will appear when the power is turned "on"

4.  Connect your device to the same wireless (Wi-Fi) network as your printer

5.  Open the front cover of the printer by holding the finger grips on both ends of the cover and lifting it up

6.  Turn the ribbon feed downwards to remove slack in the ribbon, insert the ribbon, and push the ribbon cassette down until it clicks in place

7.  Open the printer cover by sliding the latch toward you

8.  Insert the paper roll

9.  Pull out a small amount of paper and then close the printer cover

Mobile App-

10.  Ensure your device and wireless router are connected to the same Wi-Fi network

11.  Tap on the "Settings" cog on the main page of the Spark Pay mobile app

12.  Tap on "Settings"

13.  Tap on " Network Printer"


14.  Tap on the applicable printer

Printer set up is now complete!

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