How do I add an item?

Adding items is quick and easy. You can add items from within the mobile app as well as from within the Spark Pay online dashboard.

Spark Pay Mobile App

1.  From the main screen on the app, tap on the "Settings" cog

2. Tap on "Settings"


3. Tap on "Manage Items"

4.  Enter the applicable item information

5.  When you have finished entering the item info, tap on the "Manage Items"  icon in the upper-left corner of the screen and your item will be set

Spark Pay Online Dashboard

From the main page on the dashboard:

1.  Click on the "Items" tab

 2.  Click on "Add Item"


3.  Enter the applicable item info and then click on the "Add Item" button to finish up.



The items you add in the mobile app appear in the Spark Pay dashboard and the items added in the Spark Pay dashboard appear in the mobile app.  

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