How do I set up a user on my account?

Account owners can add users to their account to accept payments on their behalf. To add a user follow these steps:

1.  Log into your online dashboard and click on the "Settings" tab

2.  Click “Add User”


3.  Enter the user’s information in the pop up box and click "Send Invite"


After you send the invite to your user they will receive an email. Users must activate their account by clicking on the link provided in the invite email. Users will be asked to fill out basic information about themselves, such as their name and email address. (Best practice: use a company email address in case the user does not want to share a personal email address.)

Once the user has activated their account, they can download the Spark Pay mobile app, log in with their credentials, and begin accepting payments. All of the user’s transactions will automatically link to the owner's account and appear on the transaction summary. The owner will be able to view all transactions from each user from the owner’s account on the Spark Pay dashboard.  All receipts are emailed to the owner's account/device. The owner can turn off this function when setting up the account.  

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