Even though Spark Pay is PCI compliant, what else can I do to ensure the processing of secure transactions?

As a merchant accepting payments, there are a few things that you can do to ensure you are doing so in the most secure and effective manner:

  • Only download the Spark Pay App from the iTunes App Store or Google Play
  • Make sure all employees authorized to accept payments with Spark Pay know how to use it - you can always direct them to the FAQs on SparkPay.com
  • Spark Pay’s report feature helps you keep track of your card processing activity
  • When things change or if an employee leaves, you can remove them as a multi-user in the setting menu
  • Let your customers know that you’re approved to use Spark Pay, by using your Spark Pay sticker and card reader when accepting payments

If you have questions about security or PCI compliance, please contact our Customer Support Team at 877-231-7547 or send an email to support@sparkpay.com.

Also, please select the link below to learn more:







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