What are some of the best practices for payments acceptance security?

Understanding and maintaining best practices when accepting payments is one of the best ways to keep the payments acceptance part of your business secure and safe.

Password Safety

Be sure you don’t share your Spark Pay password: Spark Pay representatives will never ask for your password over the phone or via email. If you believe someone has access to your password, please change it immediately and contact our Customer Support Team at 877-231-7547 or send an email to support@sparkpay.com

Lock your tablet or device: We recommend that use the auto-lock feature on your tablet or device, which will require a PIN or passcode to unlock it after a set period of time. The set period of time should not be too long, otherwise this will counteract the effectiveness of the feature.

This pin or passcode is unique to your device and is different and completely unrelated to your Spark Pay 4-digit PIN. 

If you need help finding the auto-lock feature or setting up your PIN or passcode, refer to the support materials offered by your device’s manufacturer.

Email Security

Don't share personal information via email: We will never ask you for your password or financial information via email. Only share information about your account once you have logged in to your Spark Pay account.

Don't download attachments: Spark Pay will never send you an attachment or software update via email to install on your computer, tablet, or device. 

If you receive an email related to Spark Pay that you feel is suspicious, please contact our Customer Support Team at 877-231-7547 or send an email to support@sparkpay.com

Tablet or Device Security

Watch for rooting or jail breaking: If you purchase a device from a non-authorized person or manufacturer, take a moment to ensure it is not jail broken or rooted. The process of jail breaking or rooting gives someone else illegal access and control of that device. There are many websites that can help you figure out if your device is jail broken or rooted, as well as provide information on how to restore the device back to its original settings.

Update to current version of your operating system: Get in the habit of updating to the current version of your iOS or Android operating system. As devices age, you may need to upgrade your device in order to update to the latest operating system.

 Update all apps when new release is available: Get in the habit of updating your apps and uninstalling any apps that you don’t need. Also, when you download new apps, you should only download from a trusted source like or Google PlayTM or iTunes® App StoreSM

 If you have any questions about our best practices for security around accepting payments, please give us a call at 877-231-7547 or email us at support@sparkpay.com


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