What should I do when my card reader is plugged in and the card isn’t being read after the swipe?

Please ensure that the volume on your device is turned all the way up when swiping the card through the card reader. This will usually resolve the issue but if you continue to have problems please contact our Customer Support Team at 877-231-7547 or send an email to support@sparkpay.com.

Please note: if you are using a device that is operating on iOS 7.0, please allow Spark Pay to access the microphone in order to ensure a successful swipe. Make your microphone available by completing the following steps on your Apple device:

1.  Tap on the "Settings" icon

2.  Tap on "Privacy"

3.  Slide the "Microphone" option to "ON" to allow the card reader to be detected

4. Close and then relaunch the Spark Pay app 


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