How do I change my linked bank account?

Follow the steps below:

1.  From the "Banking" tab, click on the "Settings" cog


2.  Enter your password and click "Reset Account"


3.  Click "Reset" to confirm that you would like to reset your account. Please note: You may not receive any deposits until your bank account is fully re-attached by updating to your checking account and routing number


4.  Once you have entered the requested information, click on "One More Step"



Once you've received the micro-deposit, follow the steps below to verify the micro-deposit through the Spark Pay mobile app or web app.

From the web app:

1.  In 1-2 business days after entering your checking account and routing number, a micro-deposit will appear as a credit in your linked bank account. To complete the process of verifying your account, you must revisit the "Banking" tab, enter the exact amount of the micro-deposit in the box shown below and click "Submit"


From the mobile app:

1.  Tap on the "Settings" cog

2.  Tap on "Verify Bank Account"

3.  Enter the amount of the micro-deposit, then tap on "Verify"


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